Apollon Limassol win Cyprus Coca - Cola Cup

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Apollon Limassol is the new holder of Cyprus Coca - Cola Cup, after winning 2-1 AEL in Tsireio Stadium.

Apollon players scored twice in extra time and they captured the 7th Cup title in the history of their team. 

Horasio Carndoso came in from the bench and scored in the 5th minute of extra time, while Romeo Surdu scored the second from the penalty spot in 118th minute. 

Patric Vouho's goal in the last minute of extra time, was not enough for AEL to come back in the final. 

Bruno Vale, Apollon's goalkeeper, saved a penalty kick  from Vouho in 84th minute, giving the chance to his team to win in the extra time. 

AEL: Degra, Airosa (17' Maikon), Karlitos (98' Constantinou), Junior, Ouon, Sachetti, Dede, Bebe, Monteiro, Sa (91' Sertzio), Vouho.

APOLLON: Vale, Lopes, Merkis, Charalambous, Vasiliou, Hamtani, Kyriakou (86' Constantinou), Theodoridis (73' Paulinio, 92' Carndoso), Garsia, Surdu, Papoulis.   

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