Football began in Cyprus in the early part of the 20th Century. At first it was played in the schools. Very soon football became popular as a result of which various football clubs were formed engaging in friendly matches between them. 


The growth of football continued as a result of which the idea to establish an Association was promoted and in September 1934 the Cyprus Football Association (CFA) was established whereupon football began to be played on an official basis with the CFA organizing various championships for its member clubs.


In 1948, the Cyprus Football Association became a member of FIFA and in 1962 a member of UEFA. The first international game of the Cypriot National Team was played in 1949, at a time when Cyprus was not yet an independent State and in 1960 as an independent State the First Cypriot National Team appeared on the scene.


The CFA has through the years developed and together with its clubs nowadays participates at National level in the World Cup Competitions, the Olympic Tournaments and all the UEFA competitions for National Teams (Senior, Under-21, Under-19, Under-17, Futsal and Women’s), whilst its clubs participate in the UEFA Club Competitions.


The CFA currently comprises of 57 directly affiliated clubs and approximately 290 indirectly affiliated clubs through local Amateur Associations.


The CFA organizes League Championships of various levels and a Cup Competition. There are 4 divisions comprising of 14 teams in each division. The football season begins in August each year and runs up to May.


The CFA also organizes Women’s and Futsal Championships.


The CFA is constantly upgrading itself and its Championships and has targeted the growth of Cypriot Football as its main ambition having as its motto that:

“through football we make friends”.

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