First ever victory for Women

Tuesday, 8 April 2014
Great  achievement  from Cyprus Senior Women’s National Team, after succeeding an away 4-0 victory over Luxembourg. 
That was the first ever victory of Cyprus Women’s National Team and it will have a very good impact on Women’s football in Cyprus.
Two goals from Skevi Antoniou and one goal from Marilena Georgiou and  Dimitra Hadjivasili, secure the victory, against a very good and more experience opponent.
Cyprus (Α. Vasileiou): Christou M. , Ioannou M., Giannou E, Hadjivasili D. , Antoniou F. , Violari A., Michael A., Antoniou S. , Pieri M. , Georgiou X. , Georgiou M. 

Antoniou G. , Papadopoulou S., Chrysostomou L., Charalambous C., Nearhou E. and Pafiti C. played as substitutions.

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