Tenders for charter flight for the Men's National Team

Thursday, 21 January 2021
Cyprus Football Association requests  for tenders for charter flight for the carrying Men's National Team to Croatia. 

•Thursday, 25 March 2021
Larnaca (LCA) - Rijeka (RJK)  / Departure at 17:00 local time
•Saturday, 27 March 2021
Rijeka (RJK) - Larnaca (LCA) / Departure at 23:00 local time

•The delegation will consist of about 45 - 50 persons.
•Every passenger will be carrying up to 23kg personal luggage.
-The FA will have to carry the following sports kit and equipment:
-22 to 25 metallic Boxes (with the athletic material, uniforms, etc..) - 32kg each (dimensions: 74 cm length Χ 54 cm width Χ 40 cm height)
-6 to 8 metallic trolleys for the transportation of the metallic Boxes - 6kg each (dimensions: 74 cm length Χ 54 cm width Χ 16 cm height)
-4 Massage Tables - 20kg each (dimensions: 94 cm length Χ 65 cm width Χ 18 cm height)
-1 Carry Case with 19 plastic training poles - 15kg (dimensions: 1.81 cm height X 18 cm the radius of a circle)
-14 to 16 Canvas Team Equipment Bags (with the athletic material, uniforms, etc..) - 23kg each (dimensions: 77 cm length Χ 41 cm width Χ 38 cm height)
-1 Canvas Team Medical Equipment Bag - 32kg each (dimensions: 90 cm length Χ 45 cm width Χ 46 cm height)

Quotation Format:
•Provide a quotation for flights operation for the above destination (departure – return) including all relevant costs apart from airport taxes & catering.
•Provide a separate quotation for the involved airport taxes.
•Provide separate quotation for catering we will need

Note: In case that the pandemic of COVID 19 continues and under the State directions of each country, the matches are to be postponed by UEFA, please confirm to us that we will not pay any amount to you even as a cancellation fee. If the initial deposit has already been paid to you before the postponement of the match then we would like to confirm us that the initial deposit of 60% will be paid back to the Association within 5 days after the official postponement of the match.

Any tender should be sent by Monday, 1st February 2021, by 13:00 (CET), at the latest, to the e-mail:  amylonas@cfa.com.cy  (Anthoulis Mylonas, CFA General Manager).

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