Domenico Messina and international referees met with students in Larnaca

Tuesday, 21 November 2023
The President of the Referee Committee, Domenico Messina, met today with about 200 students from the American Academy in Larnaca. The purpose of the meeting was to inform the students about the possibility of becoming football referees.

Mr Messina spoke about his experience as a referee and how refereeing has changed his life, allowing him to travel the world and gain new experiences, including the latest one here in Cyprus.

The video produced by Uefa as part of the 'Be a Referee' campaign was then shown.

The meeting, organised by FIFA assistant referee Omiros Tziortzis (teacher at the school), was also attended by elite referee Marios Christoforou (Uefa International VAR) and FIFA assistant referee Despoina Dimosthenous. Both illustrated how refereeing is a means to grow as people, to have interesting experiences and to live football as a protagonist, teaching respect for the rules.

CFA, which enthusiastically welcomed the initiative, has always been committed to promoting refereeing and supporting the recruitment campaign. Without referees, football has no future and CFA hopes that initiatives like today's can be replicated in other schools or university faculties.

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